From Fortune 500 to Small Business and Startups Nationwide


A couple of former accountants from big accounting firms (Big 4 to be exact) launch ValBooks -- quality, reliable bookkeeping and accounting that helps small businesses grow.

ValBooks, or “Value Bookkeeping,” is an internet-based service that provides reliable bookkeeping for growing businesses. “It replaces hiring an in-house bookkeeper or expensive CPA firms to put together a comprehensive general ledger,” said one of Valbooks founders.

Everyone needs bookkeeping, but generally, your bookkeeper generates zero sales so why pay more for this necessary evil than you have to?

ValBooks helps with monthly accounting of business transactions and back-office tasks such as accounts payable and receivables. Online access to information is at your fingertips. Valbooks offers reliable and fast bookkeeping services.

ValBooks finds pragmatic solutions for their clients to meet their bookkeeping needs while saving time and money for their clients. From startups and entrepreneurs to established enterprises, ValBooks provides quality bookkeeping and back-office solutions for all types of businesses.

Holly, a client of the founders said, “Very informative. On my initial call, they answered EVERY one of my many questions about my small business.”